Part of our research lines of interest are:

AI for Brain Segmentation

In2brain develops AI-based methods for brain segmentation focused on specific areas or for parcellating the whole brain. For instance, In2brain developed HIPS for hippocampus subfield segmentation, CERES for cerebellum segmentation, pBrain for deep and sub thalamic nuclei, AssemblyNet and vol2Brain for whole brain segmentation.

All these methods are freely available on the volbrain platform.

AI for Computer-Aided Diagnostics

In2brain also focuses on AI-based tools for pathologies diagnosis and prognosis of neurodegenerative pathologies. For instance, In2brain developed AssemblyNet-AD for Alzheimer’s disease, AssemblyNet-AD-FTD for frontotemporal dementia and DeepLesionBrain for multiple sclerosis.

All these methods are freely available on the volbrain platform.

BigData for Lifespan Modeling

In2brain develops lifespan modeling of brain based on BigData analysis for normal and pathological aging. For instance, In2brain developed neurodegenerative model for Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and multiple sclerosis.

Cloud Solution for Medical Image Analysis

In2brain and MIA lab develop cloud-based solution for medical image analysis. For instance, we developed the open access web platform volbrain. This online platform offers free services dedicated to brain MRI analysis. Since 2015, our platform has processed more than 500000 MRI for 9000 users worldwide.